2009 Certificate: 15


Likeable factory boss Joel Reynolds (Jason Bateman) has worked hard to build-up his flavour extract company, but now he's desperate to put spice back into the increasingly brother/sister relationship he shares with his wife. However, his marriage and business are in serious danger when money-grabbing Cindy (Black Swan hottie Mila Kunis) targets the hapless hero in Mike "Office Space" Judge's comfortable workplace comedy.


  • Mike Judge


  • Jason Bateman

  • Mila Kunis

  • Kristen Wiig

  • Ben Affleck

  • JK Simmons


Nice guys finish last, right?

It's a well-worn concept in American comedy, but Joel Reynolds isn't your average affable loser, he appears to have it all. The problem is, he isn't getting any.

When Joel finds his libido in a constant battle with his wife Suzie's (Wiig) 8pm "sweatpants deadline" he takes his eye off the ball at work and an accident at his out-of-control factory leads to ambitious redneck employee, Step (Clifton Collins Jr) losing a testicle.

Foxy scam artist Cindy spots her chance to make big bucks. Flirting her way onto the scene, she convinces Joel she's interested in him while seducing love-struck Step into bringing a crippling lawsuit against the company through hard-ass ambulance-chasing lawyer Joe Adler (Gene Simmons).

To make things worse for Joel, during an accidental drugs binge with his buddy Dean (Ben Affleck) a foolproof plan is formulated that will let Joel cheat guilt-free with Cindy - hire dumb gigolo Brad (Dustin Milligan) to break Suzie's fidelity.

The flaw in Joel's logic becomes clear as he emerges from his drugs hangover, but is he too late to stop Brad working his magic on his wife? Can the nice guy get the girl back and save the factory?

Bateman is perfectly cast as the understated lead and Kunis works well as divisive eye candy, but it's the supporting actors who really shine.

Affleck and Milligan provide a steady stream of laughs without overplaying their two-dimensional characters, while Wiig is memorable, if under-used.

Factory worker cameos from JK Simmons and Beth Grant give the comedy soundbite quality and David Koechner is a welcome distraction as Joel's persistently annoying neighbour. Simmons' performance is surprisingly funny.

It's an amusing obstacle course punctuated with excellent cameos, if a little slow in reaching the finishing line.