2013 Certificate: u


Scorch (Brendan Fraser) and Gary (Rob Corddry) are blue alien brothers on the planet Baab, who work together in their 'BASA' space programme. They're hardly the best of buddies - but when Scorch embarks on a maverick mission to 'The Dark Planet' - aka Earth - it's up to Gary to save the day. Colourful animated fun with an all-star cast (William Shatner, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker).


  • Cal Brunker


  • Brendan Fraser

  • Jessica Alba

  • William Shatner

  • Ricky Gervais

  • Jane Lynch


Escape From Planet Earth has a pleasingly retro title - the kind that evokes 1950s black-and-white B-movies, UFOs on bits of string, paper-maché alien costumes, classic Sunday afternoon telly stuff.

Although there's plenty of familiar references to the usual Area 51 archetypes, this yarn of aliens and UFOs is a decidedly modern affair - a zippy, hollow-but-harmless animated adventure in the Ice Age/Monsters vs Aliens mould, a half-term multiplex-filler and little more.

Rob Corddry and Brendan Fraser lead up a cast of celebrity voices as a pair of alien siblings on the planet Baab, home to a sort of Smurfs-vs-Avatar's-Naa'vi species. They're brain-and-brawn brothers: Gary (Corddry) is a control room genius, while Scorch (Fraser) the glory-hogging action hero.

But when Scorch embarks on a maverick mission to Earth (or 'The Dark Planet', as they call it), he stumbles upon the evil General William Shanker (William Shatner, in a neat bit of stunt casting) who captures aliens for the usual nefarious reasons.