1996 Certificate: 18


Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Kruger, a federal marshal who comes up against a deadly hi-tech weapon when he tries to protect a witness (Vanessa Williams). Outnumbered but rarely outgunned, Kruger always seems to have something up his sleeve (like a small Howitzer). Dizzying skydives and a scrap with an alligator make this a riotously gung-ho actioner from Arnie's less diplomatic days. Veterans James Caan and James Coburn add grizzle.


  • Chuck Russell


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • James Caan

  • Vanessa Williams

  • James Coburn

  • Robert Pastorelli


Although it may not go down in the annals as your - or even Arnold Schwarzenegger's - best movie, this is a solid action film for his fans, with the heavy artillery department working overtime.

Our hero is an ace enforcer for the US witness protection programme. He sees to it that they stay protected against all comers before their identities are erased.

The film opens on a Mafia witness about to be torched by the Mob before Arnie roars to the rescue.

In a nice touch, the character reappears later in a key role, by which time Arnie is deeply embroiled in guarding the only witness (Vanessa Williams) in a high-profile case of selling arms to foreign mercenaries.

The heavy-duty action that follows provides a megablast of mayhem, with laser 'nail guns' in the forefront. Logic, however, takes a back seat.