2012 Certificate: 15


Korean-American teenager Eden (Jamie Chung) finds a sneaked night out with a buddy ends up with her imprisoned in a sex slave compound on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Under the tyrannical regime of corrupt cop and uber-pimp Galt (Beau Bridges), she's regularly driven out of prison for assignments with grubby brothel clients. However, brutalised by the system, she eventually spots a means of escape by cultivating Gault's druggy deputy Vaughn (Matt O'Leary). Sober and unsensational, director Megan Griffith's grimly cautionary tale packs a sordid punch.


  • Megan Griffiths


  • Jamie Chung

  • Matt O'Leary

  • Beau Bridges

  • Scott Mechlowicz

  • Russell Hodgkinson


Trusting teen Hyun Jae (Sucker Punch's Chung) tentatively accompanies her buddy on a night out after telling her hardgrafting parents that she's working late at their New Mexico store.

She catches the eye of an off-duty fireman Vaughan (O'Leary) at the bar and - unused to drinking liquor - tipsily accepts a lift home with him. Bad move.

He's not a firefighter but the trusted lieutenant of a pimp and venal cop Gault (Bridges), who runs a desert brothel on an industrial scale and has despatched Vaughan on a hunter/gatherer mission for fresh meat.

Locked up in a tiny, corrugated iron cell with other unfortunates, Hyun - or Eden, as her jailers rename her - is rapidly brutalised into the regime of the sex compound: as an on-demand hooker taxied out by Vaughan to provide sex for Gault's seedy client list.

Buckling under into mute conformity, over the next two years she learns to make herself useful, displacing the existing brothel queen and building a twisted friendship with Vaughan, who has a cripplng weakness for the crack pipe.

Based on the story of Korean-American sex slave Chong Kim, this unvarnished tale adroitly avoids a salacious spin on a desperate story of a young girl brutally robbed of her innocence.

Chung is pitch perfect as the resourceful toughie biding her time until the right moment while O'Leary is spot on as the sordid junkie who finds himself sneakily seduced.