1956 Certificate: u


Slapstick farce starring Brian Rix, Ronald Shiner and Sid James as a trio of none-too-honest bookmakers.


  • Maurice Elvey


  • Sid James

  • Brian Rix

  • Ronald Shiner


A formidable trio of farceurs - Brian Rix, Ronald Shiner and Sidney James - has a wild time in this film adaptation of the famous Whitehall comedy hit about three itinerant bookmakers trying to earn an honest - well, almost honest - living. Heather Sears makes her screen debut, Joan Sims giggles infectiously and the charms of Shirley Ann Field can be very briefly glimpsed as a waitress at the Three Frogs Cafe. But Peggy Mount sweeps all else before her in a relatively short, but devastating appearance as the indomitable Sergeant Fire.