1994 Certificate: 15


Testosterone-heavy action thriller starring Wesley Snipes as the marshal pursuing an unhinged villain (Gary Busey) who skydives onto federal buildings to steal official secrets. Passenger 57 meets Cliffhanger in this high-flying action outing from John "Bird on a Wire" Badham. Snipes convincingly takes his first steps towards roles like Blade (although the role was initially offered to Steven Seagal).


  • John Badham


  • Wesley Snipes

  • Gary Busey

  • Yancy Butler


Pete Nessip (Snipes) and his brother are U.S. marshals escorting convicted computer hacker Earl Leedy to a federal prison on a commercial 747.

An apparent terrorist attack results in an on-board explosion, the death of Pete's brother and Leedy's disappearance.

In the aftermath, Pete's badge is suspended while authorities investigate the accident.

Determined to track down his brother's killers and locate Leedy, Nessip is drawn into the daredevil world of exhibition skydiving.