2011 Certificate: 18


When Satanists killed his daughter and took her baby girl, eternal sinner Nicolas Cage had to put his foot down - but that meant busting out of Hell first. Now, with scrappy waitress Amber Heard riding shotgun and Lucifer's coolest henchman (William Fichtner) in pursuit, he's on a hit-and-run mission to save the child and blow the demonic cult to kingdom come. It's the end of days, grindhouse-style, as My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier oversees an in-yer-face armageddon of blood, breasts and bullets.


  • Patrick Lussier


  • Nicolas Cage

  • Amber Heard

  • William Fichtner

  • Billy Burke

  • David Morse


Nicolas Cage plays a vengeful ex-resident of Hell named John Milton (after the poet what wrote the God-vs-evil epic Paradise Lost).

Devil-worshipper Jonah King (Twilight star Billy Burke) has slaughtered Milton's daughter and intends to sacrifice her baby at the next full moon, thus creating Hell on Earth.

So with a gleaming 1969 Dodge Charger at his disposal, its fiery owner Piper (Zombieland's Heard) in the passenger seat, and a pistol capable of blowing anyone to Purgatory by his side, Milton roars to the rescue.

Even Satan's most efficient debt collector, The Accountant (Fichtner; star of the show), has a hell of a time keeping up.

With a shootout, car chase, dismemberment and bare-naked lady cropping up every other minute, this is gleefully gratuitous fun.