2011 Certificate: 15


The late James Gandolfini gives a captivating performance as a working stiff desperate to catch a break in this atmospheric drama set on the New Jersey shore. Although he works in an amusement park, life isn't much fun for Bailey (Gandolfini). Living next door to his only true love (Famke Janssen) is hard enough. But knowing she is unhappily married to his boss (Joe Pope) makes it even worse. So the last thing he needs to see is a smiling Frenchman (Edoardo Costa) bearing more bad news. Former acting coach Harold Guskin makes his directing debut with a poignant study of bottled emotions and unfulfilled dreams.


  • Harold Guskin


  • James Gandolfini

  • Famke Janssen

  • Joe Pope

  • Edoardo Costa

  • John Magaro