1999 Running time: 88 Certificate: 15 Rating: 3


While looking after a house belonging to a male escort friend, hapless fish tank cleaner Deuce Bigalow (Rob Schneider) somehow winds up entering the dubious profession himself... with predictably unsexy results. Still, Deuce is game for the game and even develops a soft spot for his bizarre clients. Adam Sandler produces this raucous comedy, notable for a hilarious "reconciliation" scene.


  • Mike Mitchell


  • Rob Schneider

  • William Forsythe

  • Arija Bareikis


Rob Schneider stars in this raucous comedy, produced by Adam Sandler, about a down-on-his-luck guy catapulted into the world of male escorting in an accidental twist of fate.

Loser Deuce Bigalow (Schneider) struggles to make a living as a fish tank cleaner and general handy man.

But his life changes when, while fish-sitting for a debonair male escort (Fehr, of The Mummy), he mistakenly answers the phone.

Having accidentally destroys his hi-tech tank, Deuce must pose as the gigolo to pay for a new one.

From then on, it's a case of all types for Deuce, who lies back and bravely thinks of New England.

"He charges $10", says the film's tagline, "but he's willing to negotiate." It's not clever, but it is funny.

Add a few more freakish sexual partners for a recipe of bedroom gags and U-bend humour.

This romantic movie is a surprisingly funny and inventive comedy. Cynics will say that Hollywood seems to think they can make any movie into a smash hit simply by giving former Saturday Night Live comics the lead role - with Deuce Bigalow it worked!

Rob Schneider's performance is memorable and he comes across as totally sincere.

But this comedy also features some genuinely touching moments, juvenile humour and situational gags. The result is hilarious.