2005 Certificate: 15


Rob Schneider returns as the fish tank cleaner-turned-male escort in this bawdy sequel which sees him fleeing America for Amsterdam. This time round he's hoping to clear the name of his buddy TJ (Eddie Griffin) after a serial killer starts working his way through the Dutch capital's gigolos. If you like your laughs lewd and your gags gross, this'll be right down your straat. Look out for British lad's lad Johnny Vaughn in a risque cameo.


  • Mike Bigelow


  • Rob Schneider

  • Jeroen Krabbé

  • Eddie Griffin

  • Til Schweiger


How Rob Schneider's first outing as Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo managed to gross around £75m across the globe remains one of cinema's great mysteries.

This second outing takes the naïve fish tank cleaner out of California (an incident involving crazed dolphins and the blind. Don't ask) and sets him down in Europe.

Amsterdam, to be precise, where he has answered the call of pimp TJ Hicks (Eddie Griffin), who has been implicated in the murder of local "he-bitches".

It's Deuce's job to do the round of female clients of the latest victim - Heinz Hummer ("gigolo with the most below") - in a bid to find the killer.

These include the former sex line operator with an inconvenient tracheotomy and the Russian aristocrat with a penis instead of a nose (cue inevitable "sneezing" gag).

Muddying the waters are the the European Union of male prostitutes - The Man-Whore Society - whose, erm, members deride the good-hearted Deuce.

If you enjoyed the first romp it's a fair bet you'll enjoy a sequel with the action switched to a city famous for its legalised prostitution and drugs.

Principal laughs come from TJ's forceful protestations against being labelled gay...even though he's also accused of a string of serial killings.

Euro-totty Rachel Stevens and Kelly Brook are wheeled in for a couple of cameos while the wonderfully monikered Hanna Verboom plays Deuce's love interest.

As a comedy vehicle it's a pretty rickety one, especially for one as comically limited as Schneider, and it seems only a matter of time before the wheels fall off.

However, the market's obviously there and all credit to Deuce for, er, holding his own amidst stiff competition from the likes of The 40-Year-Old Virgin.