1993 Certificate: 15


Brains off, grins on for a ludicrously entertaining sci-fi smackdown between Sly Stallone's stitched-up cop and his supersmart nemesis Wesley Snipes. After sending megacrook Simon Phoenix (Snipes) to the cryogenic slammer in 1996, Sly is himself put on ice for a crime he didn't commit. So when Phoenix thaws out in a violence-free society four decades later, there's only one guy tough enough to bring him in. A pre-stardom Sandra Bullock is on hand to witness the peace blown away in a blaze of steroidal action.


  • Marco Brambilla


  • Sylvester Stallone

  • Wesley Snipes

  • Sandra Bullock

  • Benjamin Bratt

  • Denis Leary

  • Nigel Hawthorne


Frozen in 1996, Simon Phoenix (Snipes), a convicted killer is thawed out for parole in the year 2032.

Let loose into a crime free society, Phoenix resumes his reckless rampage and wreaks havoc upon the 21st century with no one to stop him.

Spartan (Stallone), the cop who captured Phoenix way back when, was also cryogenically frozen (for a crime he didn't commit) and he too is released and reinstated as a police officer in a desperate bid to return Phoenix to his icy cell.

Dominated by special effects-heavy action and futuristic phaser guns, the film still finds room for a quite a few good lines which Snipes and Stallone handle rather well.

This breakneck, brash, and surprisingly funny blockbuster takes a very original look into the future where cops are non-aggressive peace officers; nicotine, caffeine, and the transfer of bodily fluids have been outlawed; and there are fines for swearing.

Brilliantly tongue-in-cheek and entertaining throughout.

Dominic Bloch