1990 Certificate: 18


Lighting the fuse on another explosive adventure, Chuck Norris leads his crack team of US commandos on a mission to blow away a Latin American drug baron. Bone-jarring stunts, sneering villains and a gung-ho attitude to world peace: only Chuck delivers this much bang for your buck.


  • Aaron Norris


  • Chuck Norris

  • Richard Jaeckel

  • John P Ryan

  • Billy Drago


Chuck Norris plays the US colonel who leads an American SAS-style unit into action against Latin American drug barons.

His brother Aaron directs, as he did Lethal Force's 1986 excursion in the Middle East!

It's an all-action drama that calls on Chuck's famed skills as a stunt-man rather than on any in-depth acting.

There's some humour in the Dirty Harry vein, the hint of a question about America's rights ('If America accuses us of being a nation of drug pushers, then we accuse America of being a nation of drug addicts,' says the fictional Latin-American president) and tons of explosive action.