1996 Certificate: 12


When an explosion rips through a New Jersey tunnel, it's up to former emergency medic Sylvester Stallone to lead the terrified survivors to safety. Flash fires and claustrophobia make life difficult enough, but what's of more concern is knowing that the entire Hudson River is on top of them. Viggo Mortensen and Amy Brenneman help Sly play the hero, while action-minded director Rob Cohen turns the recipe for disaster into a tasty Big Apple crumble.


  • Rob Cohen


  • Sylvester Stallone

  • Viggo Mortensen

  • Amy Brenneman

  • Dan Hedaya

  • Claire Bloom

  • Jay O Sanders


An improbable but exciting sort of Towering Inferno, as a massive explosion in a freeway under the Hudson River kills hundreds and traps a small group of survivors facing fire and flood, in a tunnel now blocked at both ends.

Disgraced ex-emergency services chief Kit (Stallone) is now a taxi driver who, being first on the scene, must figure out a way to reach those entombed.

They include an elderly couple, a group of convicts, a dog, the obligatory heroine (Amy Brenneman) and a tunnel security man.

You don't need a slide rule to calculate that there'll be a few casualties on the way to eventual escape, but special effects work overtime, with fearsome flames, avalanches of mud and water and showers of sparks to keep the tension high.