1990 Certificate: 18


Director Sam Raimi warmed up for Spider-Man with this comic book-style action fantasy about a disfigured scientist who wants revenge - and a new face. Liam Neeson is the boffin left horribly scarred when a ruthless developer orders his laboratory set on fire. His work on artificial skin certainly comes in handy as he goes looking for those who left him for dead. Unfortunately each new face only lasts for 20 minutes before melting. Talk about hard graft. Frances McDormand co-stars.


  • Sam Raimi


  • Liam Neeson

  • Frances McDormand

  • Larry Drake

  • Colin Friels


Directed by Sam Raimi (of Evil Dead fame) on a wing and a prayer, with a little help from an unseen organist in the background, this is a slice of real horror hokum.

Liam Neeson plays a scientist trying to perfect artificial skin. But then he is badly burned and horribly disfigured when an evil property developer sends henchmen to blow up Neeson's lab.

So, using his discovery as a series of cunning disguises, Neeson sets out to wreak revenge as... Darkman.

Enjoyable comic-book nonsense with some good special effects.