2011 Certificate: 15


Thirty-something man-child Abe (Jordan Gelber) clings to his adolescence while stubbornly remaining with his parents Jackie (Christopher Walken) and Phyllis (Mia Farrow). His older brother Richard's (Justin Bartha) success as a California doctor only feeds Abe's resentment and rage at his family over his failures. However, when he meets Miranda (Selma Blair), whose personal and professional disasters have sent her scrambling back to the safety of her parents' suburban home, he sees what he thinks is a chance at true love. Writer and director Todd Solondz examines the irretrievability of youth in this idiosyncratic comedy.


  • Todd Solondz


  • Jordan Gelber

  • Selma Blair

  • Christopher Walken

  • Mia Farrow

  • Justin Bartha