1954 Certificate: pg


Weepie starring Mai Zetterling as a former ballerina who opposes her wayward husband's plans to make their dancing daughter a film star. With Terence Morgan, Mandy Miller.


  • Val Guest


  • Mai Zetterling

  • Guy Rolfe

  • Terence Morgan

  • Mandy Miller


Terence Morgan makes the best impression, as a sponger as smooth as he is nasty, in this ballet-orientated story, tailored to the talents of Britian's then screen wonder child, Mandy Miller. It bases its appeal on a blend of small-girl sentiment, highly coloured melodramatics and ballet (the dance ensembles are very well done). Mai Zetterling and Guy Rolfe provide rather limp support to Mandy's undeniable charm, but the story's fiery climax is most effective.