1955 Certificate: u


Romantic musical comedy starring Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron. A wealthy bachelor anonymously sends an orphaned teenage girl to college.


  • Jean Negulesco


  • Fred Astaire

  • Leslie Caron


When an irresistible force meets an old immovable object, to quote Fred Astaire in this musical's Oscar-nominated song, then Something's Gotta Give. And what gives here is entertainment of the most elegant and sophisticated variety, especially when Astaire and Leslie Caron get anywhere near the dance floor. She's a waif without means, he's a man without a wife, and the twain shall eventually meet via a delightfully convoluted plot which has Fred `adopting' Leslie to pay for her education in America. The world's most graceful old fogey gets hep with The Sluefoot and Mlle Caron makes a charming partner. The only fly in the ointment is 20th Century-Fox's dreadful Fifties Colour by De Luxe. Not even the great cinematographer Leon Shamroy can do anything with its blue and green rinses.