2003 Certificate: pg


Sacked marketing man Eddie Murphy explodes the myth that hell is other people's children when he opens his own kids' day centre after becoming a stay-at-home dad when he can't find a job. After all, they can look after their own kids, why not other peoples? How hard can it be? Rowdy family fun.


  • Steve Carr


  • Eddie Murphy

  • Anjelica Huston

  • Steve Zahn

  • Regina King

  • Jeff Garlin

  • Khamani Griffin


Charlie (Murphy) and Phil (Garlin) are highly paid advertising execs who are so consumed by their jobs that they don't know their kids.

Charlie thinks that his son Ben's (Khamani Griffin) "favourite thing" is being picked up for rocket rides but he's the one getting a kick out of it.

When the two marketing hotshots fail to whet the public's appetite for broccoli and carrot cereal they lose their jobs.

Unable to pay for the expensive daycare provided by the draconian Miss Harridan (Huston) at her "marine corps of day care" they must find an alternative.

After looking through some other comically wacked up and totally inappropriate childminders (criminals in one case), the pair reach a solution...

Daddy Day Care. After all, they can look after their own kids, why not other peoples? How hard can it be?

How hard? See hyperactive kids dosed up with a sugar rush, violence and trying to comprehend Kling-on.

After initial doubts, parents begin to warm to the pair, and soon, despite the best efforts of Miss Harridan, Daddy Day Care begins to flourish.

So much so, that they have to employ Trekkie and former work mate Marvin (Steve Zahn), who seems to speak the kids' language (particularly the Kling-on).

Their nurturing style robs the vengeful Miss Harridan of her disciplined charges... and she resorts to dirty tricks to get Daddy Day Care closed down.

Not really one for the dual-income-no-kids brigade, this is more likely to appeal to working mums and dads who have their own childminding horror stories to tell.