1956 Certificate: pg


Two soldiers - British colonel Wynter (Richard Todd) and American Captain Parker (Robert Taylor) - reminisce about their separate love affairs with the same woman as they prepare for the carnage on the Normandy beaches on D-Day. Don't expect heroics in The Longest Day or Saving Private Ryan mould - this is old-fashioned romance set against the backdrop of an imminent, world-changing conflict.


  • Henry Koster


  • Robert Taylor

  • Richard Todd

  • Dana Wynter


Although the title would have you believe this is a guns-blazing war film, it's more the old eternal love triangle, with the Normandy invasion playing an important part.

Robert Taylor and Dana Wynter are having an affair, until her husband, Richard Todd, comes home, having been wounded in North Africa.

The two men ultimately find themselves in the same commando unit on the beach on that fateful day.

It's all pretty soapy and the ending isn't entirely unexpected, but the film is a polished drama in the 20th Century Fox manner and, as such, a fair-enough time-passer.

Acting kudos goes to Edmond O'Brien as Taylor's eccentric commanding officer.