1989 Certificate: 18


Jean-Claude Van Damme sets out to save humankind from a deadly plague in this post-apocalyptic fightfest. The cure has been programmed into a female cyborg (Dayle Haddon), but when she is abducted by steroidal land pirate Fendor Tremelo (pro-surfer Vincent Klyn), it's up to freelance butt-kicker Gibson Rickenbacker (JCVD) to get her back... while settling an old score. Think Mad Max with madder names.


  • Albert Pyun


  • Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • Dayle Haddon

  • Deborah Richter

  • Vincent Klyn


Cyborg takes place in the post-apocalyptic future. Civilisation is collapsing all around and now a deadly plague threatens to wipe out mankind.

Pearl Prophet (Haddon), a half-woman, half-robot cyborg, holds the cure to the plague in her hard-drive. Pursued by Fender Tremelo (Klyn), she is trying to deliver the cure to a group of scientists based in Atlanta.

But Fender has other ideas. He believes that a world in which Anarchy reins is a world in which he can thrive and so he's desperate to capture Pearl to prevent the cure being developed.

That's where our high kicking hero comes in. Gibson Rickenbacker (Van Damme) is on a mission to escort Pearl safely to Atlanta and by doing so thwart Fender - a man with whom he has history...