1969 Certificate: pg


Comedy. A tough American crime syndicate assigns a pair of soft-hearted thieves to rob an old lady's estate, starring Telly Savalas and Edith Evans.


  • Jim O'Connolly


  • Telly Savalas

  • Warren Oates

  • Edith Evans


Kojak is a crook! Well, at any rate, before his famous cop characterisation was thought of, Telly Savalas came to Great Britain to make this daft comedy about some American crooks trying to rob an English stately home. It was a profitable trip for Warren Oates (later to play Dillinger) as well. For he met and married his female co-star Vickery Turner. At times, the pace is as sedate as the English aristocracy portrayed: but the magnificently lunatic climax is worth waiting for, as crooks fall out on the final assault on Great Friars, and are finally repulsed by a concerted counter-attack involving crossbows, a lion, and Edith Evans at the controls of a vintage German plane. It has to be said that Dame Edith has no trouble in beating the Americans at the acting game, either.