1988 Certificate: pg


Everyone's favourite ocker from the Outback (Paul Hogan) is back on home soil for an adventure that sees him having to protect his reporter bride Sue (Linda Koslowski) from a drug cartel. The crooks think the new Mrs Dundee has something they want, so Mick whisk her away from the city to a much safer place: 'Crocodile' territory... There's no rest for the bad guys in a sequel that cooks up more laconic laughs with a juicy dash of action.


  • John Cornell


  • Paul Hogan

  • Linda Kozlowski

  • John Meillon


The first Crocodile Dundee won millions of fans worldwide with its tale of the country boy in the big city.

The sequel sees Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee head back to his homeland with his new bride Sue (Kozlowski, Hogan's wife in real life).

Their bubble bursts when South American cocaine villains come looking for Sue, in search of incriminating photographs taken by her sleazy ex-husband.

Mick must once again deploy his Outback skills and protect Sue from the drug barons in the wilderness where he grew up.

While it may have lost some of its innocence and originality, Paul Hogan's sequel more than makes up for it with effortless charm.

It's still crowd-pleasing entertainment and for those who felt the first film could have done with a tweak in the plotting department, you won't be disappointed.

More of the same funny lines, slick action and rousing contrast between New York City and the Australian Outback.

It is rare for a sequel to be as good or better than its predecessor but Crocodile Dundee II does just that.

Dominic Bloch