1997 Certificate: 15


Hooking up between Lethal Weapons with director Richard Donner, Mel Gibson plays a troubled New York cabbie who tries to convince Julia Roberts' sceptical Justice Department lawyer that his bizarre conspiracy theories are really true. And you thought Martin Riggs was paranoid. However, it's only when he's abducted and interrogated by Patrick Stewart's mysterious doctor that she believes he may be on to something.


  • Richard Donner


  • Mel Gibson

  • Julia Roberts

  • Cylk Cozart

  • Patrick Stewart


When not working, crackpot New York cab driver Mel Gibson pieces together his Conspiracy Theory pamphlet and spies on Justice Department lawyer Julia Roberts, badgering her with ideas about multiple conspiracies.

But perhaps he's onto something, as some men cosh and kidnap him...

Though this paranoia thriller's plot gets increasingly bizarre, it rarely ceases to grip - but Mel and Julia aren't the dream team you'd expect.

Gibson's cab passenger in the opening credits is director Richard Donner.