2009 Certificate: pg


Isla Fisher plays a Manhattan journalist whose addiction to retail therapy - if she sees something she's gotta have it - sends her spiralling into debt. At the same time, she manages to snag a job on a financial magazine from the same publishing stable as her holy grail - the shopping bible Alette. The ever-watchable Fisher is the main reason for buying into a rom-com heavy on rampant consumerism.


  • PJ Hogan


  • Isla Fisher

  • Hugh Dancy

  • Krysten Ritter

  • Joan Cusack

  • John Goodman


Financially carefree New Yorker Rebecca Bloom (Fisher) doesn't just shop. She doesn't just shop until she drops. She shops until her constantly declined credit cards self-destruct.

Straining under $16,000 of debt and the attentions of a debt collection agency, it's kinda ironic that she lands a job on a financial magazine where her article about fiscal responsibility is a hit.

Fortunately, she's also a smash with dishy editor Luke "I won't let clothes define me" Brandon (Colin Firth-in-waiting Hugh Dancy), who happily looks beyond a bizarre job interview where telling the truth didn't seem to be an issue.

Fisher's naturally impressive ability to cheekily tweak a scene, comically twist the dialogue or just make her character sympathetic makes you see what partner Sacha Baron Cohen sees in her.

Dancy does what's asked of him, while John Goodman (as Rebecca's dad) and Kristin Scott Thomas (as a Vogue editor Anna "Nuclear" Wintour clone) are on hand for old-school class.