2011 Certificate: 15


Former model Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones) makes the leap from small to big screen when he takes up arms as the warrior seeking revenge for the murder of his father. His nemesis is vicious killer Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang), who has stolen his father's all-powerful mask to resurrect his evil wife. Texas Chainsaw remaker Marcus Nispel has forged a brutal, bone-crunchingly loose adaptation of Robert E Howard's 1932 fantasy story with Momoa flexing pecs with the best of 'em.


  • Marcus Nispel


  • Jason Momoa

  • Stephen Lang

  • Rachel Nichols

  • Ron Perlman

  • Rose McGowan


It's literally the mother of all battles when Conan's pregant mum goes into labour in the thick of the fighting with his dad Corin (Perlman) having to set aside his sword to deliver the sprog.

With such a brutal introduction to life in godless Cimmeria, it's no wonder that the young Conan goes slightly feral, at one stage beheading a gang of local savages and delivering their dripping bonces to his approving dad.

But after all this innocent larking trouble is on the way... in the scowling form of power-crazy Khalar Zym (Avatar villain Lang), a ruthless warlord who is seeking the final shard of a mask hidden by Corin that will make him unassailable.

After despatching the doting dad by means of an upturned urn of molten steel, Khalar sets off to find a "pure blood" to reluctantly take part in a diabolic rite that will mean the reincarnation of his evil dead wife.

Part Irish, part Hawaiian ex-Baywatch star Jason Momoa has the bulging pecs required to give body to the vengeful barbarian as he devotes his life to hunting down his father's sniggering killer.

Rose McGowan has a gleefully good time as a Freddie Krueger-fingered witch and some of the action set-pieces - particularly some athletically vicious sandman - are carried off with aplomb.