2002 Certificate: u


This belated sequel to the 1950 classic - one of the most successful animated fairy tales of all time - starts with the 'after' in 'happy ever after', telling three stories linked by the Fairy Godmother. Featuring a very modern-thinking Princess (voiceover queen Jennifer Hale), it tells the stories of Cinders planning a party, Jaq the mouse being turned into a human and finding it tough as Cinderella's page boy and one of Cinderella's brutal stepsisters (Anastasia) achieving redemption through falling in love with a young baker. The sweet story features a new song by Brooke Allison, "Put It Together."


  • John Kafka

  • Darrell Rooney


  • Russi Taylor

  • Tress MacNeille

  • Corey Burton

  • Jennifer Hale

  • Rob Paulsen