2009 Certificate: 15


Hogwarts old boy Rupert Grint adopts a convincing Irish accent and an attitude of rebellious yoof to play a Belfast 16-year-old stuck in a dull summer job and lustily vying for the affections of a fickle young colleen (Kimberley Nixon). It's a traditional tale of drink, dope and parental disapproval given a spirited shove thanks to a bright young cast and a keen understanding of their acne-cursed culture.


  • Lisa Barros D'Sa

  • Glenn Leyburn


  • Rupert Grint

  • Robert Sheehan

  • Kimberley Nixon

  • James Nesbitt


Ultra-tempting teen queen Michelle (Nixon) is the object of carnal obsession for two Belfast boys whose raging testosterone threatens to blow a big hole in their trousers.

There's the affable Malachy (Grint), a straight-A, middle-class student whose straitlaced yet loving family smothers him in layers of security he's just dying to break from.

Then there's his buddy Luke (Sheehan), a too-cool-for-school rebel desperate to quit his broken home - a seedy drug-dealing brother and an embarrassing suicidal soak for a dad.

While working a humdrum shift on reception at the ominously-titled Titanic Leisure Centre, Malachy spots Michelle, a precocious vixen - and daughter of sleazy centre manager James Nesbitt - who sees some sport in playing off the smitten ginge against his swaggering chum.

With the ultimate goal of a knee-trembler with the provocative Michelle, the two boys launch themselves into a giddying round of one-upmanship, each trying to top the other's drug-fuelled previous dare.

For those used to watching Grint play second fiddle to a schoolboy wizard, it's a bit of shock seeing him dropping his kegs and indulge in rumpy-pumpy with a girl who doesn't even attend Hogwarts.

However, his performance (generally - not in bed. Filth) is a considerable improvement on Driving Lessons and the whole cast deliver convincing portrayals of idle, Twitter-connected youth even if their lack of moral parameters are a cause for some concern.

Heck, this lot can even concoct a grammatically correct SMS message.