2000 Certificate: 18


It's lose your innocence or lose your life when a masked serial killer starts slaughtering teenage virgins in a small American town. Michael Biehn is the beleaguered sheriff who tries keep his daughter Brittany Murphy's purity intact amidst the ensuing orgy of panic and bloodshed. Gabriel Mann, Jay Mohr and Jesse Bradford are among the young horndogs who are all too happy to save themselves by not "saving themselves". Tongue-in-cheek terror.


  • Geoffrey Wright


  • Brittany Murphy

  • Michael Biehn

  • Jay Mohr


A serial killer is targeting virgins in a high school, so the girls fight back by organising a rather chaste orgy 'to lose their cherry', and the psycho appears with an axe.

Michael Biehn stars as the local sheriff and Brittany Murphy as his daughter-in-peril. With the punning title of the small town in Virginia, it's clear that this slick teens-in-peril chiller from the director of Romper Stomper has its tongue firmly in its cheek.