1994 Certificate: 18


Hindi drama starring Jackie Shroff as a wrongly imprisoned man who gets out of jail to bring the true culprit, a murderous pimp, to justice. With Jeetendra. Subtitles.


  • Sadaqat Hussain


  • Jaya Pradha

  • Jeetendra

  • Ashwini Bhave

  • Jackie Shroff


The title of this romantic crime drama translates as Crossroads, which is where personable hero Jackie Shroff finds himself after completing 10 years of a sentence for a killing he didn't commit. Nearly three hours of screen time later, the threads of the various love, hate, murder and revenge themes in the plot are neatly merged as the fortunes of good and bad families (well, Shroff is almost like a son to stalwart law enforcer Jeetendra) collide. Ashwini Bhave is attractive as Jeetendra's daughter for whom Shroff inevitably falls and, although the film is way too long, its settings are alive with an atmosphere all their own.