2011 Certificate: 12


Pretty teenage tomboy Kim Matthews (Felicity Jones) puts her unhappy home behind her to make a living as a chalet girl at an Austrian ski resort. However, her working class background put her at odds with the well-heeled skiing families she's skivving for. Relentlessly optimistic, she discovers an unrealised talent for snowboarding and catches the eye of unhappy-in-love investment banker Ed Westwick. Jones bolsters her claim as one of Britain's actresses-to-watch with an infectious performance while support comes from a reliable crew including Bill Nighy.


  • Phil Traill


  • Felicity Jones

  • Ed Westwick

  • Bill Nighy

  • Tamsin Egerton

  • Sophia Bush


Felicity Jones makes good on the promise showed in Cemetery Junction with this teen romance set on the slopes of a snobbish Alpine skiing resort.

She plays 19-year-old working-class tomboy and promising skater Kim who - leaving her widowed dad (Bill Bailey) behind - lands a job skivvying in an Austrian ski lodge.

Well out of her social caste, she finds herself sneered at by snooty co-maid Georgie (St Trinians' Egerton) and patronised by her silver spoon employers, the wealthy Madsen family.

They're nominally headed by amiable patriarch Richard (Nighy), a fizz-swigging charmer and Kim's verbal sparring partner, plus his gold-digging wife Caroline (Shields).

Then there's their investment banker son Jonny (Westwick), who's engaged to someone he doesn't love and is already having his children named by his overbearing mom.

Director Phil Traill, who made the practically unwatchable All About Steve, is firmly on piste here largely thanks to an irrepressibly bubbly performance from Jones as the girl who gets the guy...and a shows she can snowboard with the best of them.