1970 Certificate: 15


Joseph Heller's brilliant satire on the insanity of war is brought to the big screen by director Mike Nichols and a suitably eclectic cast. Alan Arkin, Art Garfunkel, Orson Welles, Jon Voight and Anthony 'Psycho' Perkins are among the military types who are dazed, confused and driven to distraction by their part in World War II. The humour is apparent but the odd shocking moment puts everything into context.


  • Mike Nichols


  • Alan Arkin

  • Jon Voight

  • Art Garfunkel

  • Richard Benjamin

  • Anthony Perkins

  • Martin Balsam

  • Orson Welles


In this strongly cast adaptation of Joseph Heller's best-seller, director Mike Nichols explores the madness of conflict during World War Two.

At an American Air Force base in the Mediterranean, Captain Yossarian (a showstopping Alan Arkin) seeks to avoid the prevailing lunacy by requesting that he is declared mentally unfit to fly.

Then he learns about Catch-22: no sane man would want to fight and so his request indicates sanity.

The film is patchy but boasts some inspired moments and brilliant action sequences and includes showy acting work from Martin Sheen, Orson Welles and Richard Benjamin. The first American film to show an actor on the loo!