1995 Certificate: pg


Spirited adaptation of the classic kids cartoon, which sees Bill Pullman's paranormal shrink called in to exorcise a haunted house where Casper the friendly ghost lives with his bullying uncles. A young Christina Ricci and some fine special effects help bring Casper to life, and keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from a certain well-known Ghostbuster.


  • Brad Silberling


  • Christina Ricci

  • Bill Pullman

  • Eric Idle

  • Cathy Moriarty


In this charming and enjoyable kids' film, Bill Pullman stars as a ghost shrink employed by nasty Cathy Moriarty and her hapless sidekick Eric Idle to exorcise the naughty ghosts from an inherited mansion. Pullman takes along his daughter Christina Ricci and they meet the ghosts, including the friendly Casper. Full of surprising cameos, silly humour and great special effects, it is a real heart-warmer.