1980 Certificate: 15


There's mayhem on the fairways when the caddies at a posh golf club vie to get the better of their employers - not difficult when the members include arrogant idiots and outrageous cheats like Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield. A knockabout lark that upped its handicap to comedy classic thanks in no small part to Bill Murray as the greenkeeper with a chronic gopher problem - the problem being that the gopher is a lot smarter than he is.


  • Harold Ramis


  • Chevy Chase

  • Bill Murray

  • Rodney Dangerfield


This zany, lowbrow, knockabout comedy is fast-moving, juvenile and in the worst possible taste. In other words, it's a hoot!

The chaos centres on a golf club upon which boorish, tasteless Rodney Dangerfield descends. Ted Knight is the snobbish club captain, Chevy Chase its insincerely modest golf pro and Bill Murray the groundsman obsessed with ridding the course of gophers.

The woefully underused Dangerfield is wonderful as the kind of person right-thinking people run and hide from - the kind you always find yourself sitting next to you on a long distance flight.

The most humorously gross scene is where the club pool is emptied because a floating chocolate bar is assumed to be something quite different!