1956 Certificate: u


A 22-carat wallow in sentiment, this comedy drama stars Marilyn Monroe as a sultry torch singer who is kidnapped by a naive but boisterous cowboy. Don Murray nimbly nails the part of the gauche stetson-wearer and Monroe engages as the jaded Southern Belle. However, it's Arthur O'Connell as a dusty old cowpoke who steals the show.


  • Joshua Logan


  • Marilyn Monroe

  • Don Murray


Always on the brink of embarrassment, but never quite falling in, this film-with-a-heart was one of the best sentimental wallows of its year.

Marilyn Monroe, infuriatingly awkward in some scenes, is equally brilliant in others.

Don Murray is perfect as the gauche young cowboy who pursues her world-weary singing Southern belle during his one-day trip to the city for the annual rodeo.

Even so, both are out-scored by Arthur O'Connell as a hoary old cowpoke on the sidelines.