1996 Certificate: 15


John Travolta is the renegade US pilot who steals two nuclear warheads, only for his former co-pilot Christian Slater to throw a spanner in his nefarious scheme. Hold on to your ejector seats as director John Woo throttles up for aerial thrills and macho spills in a high-kerosene adventure that puts the loopiness into "loop-the-loop".


  • John Woo


  • John Travolta

  • Christian Slater

  • Samantha Mathis

  • Delroy Lindo


Hang your minds in the hall and enjoy the non-stop action in this ballistic thriller about a rogue USAF officer (John Travolta) who steals two nuclear missiles and holds the nation to ransom.

However, he fails to dispatch his co-pilot (Christian Slater) as planned: Slater manages to eject into the desert - and thereby hangs the rest of the tale.

We seem to remember Steven Seagal scotched one of these hare-brained schemes a couple of years earlier, and here Slater proves almost as troublesome to the bad guys, especially when he teams up with park ranger Samantha Mathis (with an inexhaustible supply of bullets and lipstick).

The action just keeps on coming here, from truck fights, train fights and mid-air fights to hair-raising flights through a copper mine.