2014 Certificate: 12


Bumbling British bank chairman Sir Charles Bunbury (Kelsey Grammer) is charged with fending off the hostile approaches of ruthless US and Japanese investment banks circling Tuftons, a struggling 200-year-old, family-run institution. However, the business is £3m in the red, a situation made worse when jack-the-lad adviser Nick (Mathew Horne) convinces Sir Charles to invest millions (and his wife's pension plan) in a gas company which is promptly hit by an earthquake. Wheeler-dealing comedy caper with a sterling cast.


  • Vadim Jean


  • Kelsey Grammer

  • Tamsin Greig

  • John Michael Higgins

  • Sonya Cassidy

  • Mathew Horne

  • Andrew Sachs

  • Doon Mackichan