1995 Certificate: 15


Oscar-winning historical drama directed by and starring Mel Gibson as 13th-century Scottish warrior William Wallace, who led a ragged but courageous army against the English enemy. Hyped, Oscar winning and controversial, Braveheart has become a landmark movie not only in Gibson's career but also in movie history. Many epics have followed, but few have touched so many and brought such a boost to the Scottish independence movement!


  • Mel Gibson


  • Mel Gibson

  • Catherine McCormack

  • Patrick McGoohan

  • Sophie Marceau

  • Angus MacFadyen

  • Ian Bannen


A truly epic Oscar-winning film about the life of 13th-century Scottish rebel leader William Wallace (Mel Gibson) and his fight to free his homeland from the English king Edward Longshanks (Patrick McGoohan).

Produced and directed by its star (Gibson went on to win the Best Director Oscar), the film starts at a leisurely, almost pedestrian pace.

But once the fighting starts, it carries the audience along at the speed of a rollercoaster, with battle following battle and some of the most bloody and gruesome hand-to-hand fighting ever captured on film.

The battle scenes are certainly spectacular affairs and Gibson displays a masterful control of scenes involving thousands of extras.