1987 Certificate: 18


Pounding action thriller starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as a secret agent goes AWOL in order to take part in a martial-arts competition in Hong Kong. Gripping kick-box bouts and an eye-watering training routine made this a crunching calling card from the Belgian bruiser.


  • Newt Arnold


  • Jean-Claude Van Damme

  • Donald Gibb


People are getting killed in the Kumite, an ultra-violent martial arts competition being held in Hong Kong, but Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) wants to become world champ. There are a lot of preliminary bouts but we know that Dux will fight and annihilate Chong Li, a Korean who flexes big pecs, in the final reel. The direction is lacklustre and the acting's basic yet the movie is entertaining thanks to the young Van Damme's fearless high-kicking action.