2003 Certificate: pg


Good-natured drama-of-the-day with Mary Tyler Moore as a feisty old widow who finds a baby abandoned on her doorstep. Her maternal instinct is still strong but she's thankful to get a little child-rearing help from a young handyman who's looking to make a fresh start. Gently moving.


  • Arvin Brown


  • Kathleen Quinlan

  • China Chow

  • Janaya Stephens

  • Mary Tyler Moore

  • Liam Waite


It's shocking to see Mary Tyler Moore playing an eightysomething widow haunted by memories of her beloved brother's suicide.

Into her life comes ex-con handyman Skip (Waite), who befriends an abandoned baby. The infant sets off soft-focus memories and confronting past unhappiness for these two lonely people.

Though it's hard to suspend disbelief (as if anyone could go to work hiding a baby in a sling!), this is competent rainy-day viewing.