1998 Certificate: 18


Wesley Snipes stars as the half-human, half-vampire hero of Marvel's cult comic books. From the moment his mum was nipped by a bloodsucker during pregnancy, Blade was destined to be different. Blessed - or cursed - with unique physical gifts, he is forever an outsider. But when a vampire overlord (Stephen Dorff) rises to cause global carnage, he thankfully opts to fight for the human side. British director Stephen Norrington dishes up blood-and-guts fantasy action by the bucketful, abetted by the simmeringly cool Snipes (you wouldn't like him when he's angry) and Kris Kristofferson as his trusty, crusty sidekick.


  • Stephen Norrington


  • Wesley Snipes

  • Stephen Dorff

  • Kris Kristofferson

  • Udo Kier

  • N'Bushe Wright

  • Traci Lords


By the magic that is the movies, a popular Marvel Comic character becomes flesh and blood in the shape of Wesley Snipes, as Blade, the immortal warrior with superhuman strength and a vampire's wicked cunning.

This blood-chilling tale about modern day vampires is a flashy, fast-moving special-effects driven action thriller.

A fit and snazzy-looking Snipes has plenty of cutting edge as Blade and an unexpectedly cast Kris Kristofferson scores as his dying mentor.

Stephen Dorff might not be everyone's idea of the omnipotent vampire overlord bent on leading a secret nation to destroy mankind and giving Blade a hard time, but otherwise this is toothsome fantasy action stuff done with considerable bite.