1999 Certificate: 12


Role models don't come much worse than Adam Sandler's super-slacker Sonny. But for better or (more probably) for worse, Sonny is forced to buck his ideas up when he adopts a five-year-old urchin to impress his girlfriend (Kristy Swanson). Nobody gets away with playing the loveable lout like Sandler, and this typically boisterous comedy proves it.


  • Dennis Dugan


  • Adam Sandler

  • Joey Lauren Adams

  • Kristy Swanson

  • Joe Bologna

  • Dylan Sprouse

  • Cole Sprouse


Adam Sandler's gone soft on us - but not seriously. This vehicle for the goofy comic takes a simple idea and runs with it, raising laughs along the way.

As Sonny, he's a 30-something slob-of-slobs and the despair of his high-flying lawyer father (Joe Bologna). Sonny too is well up on the law but has chosen to work part-time as a freeway toll-man and live off his glamorous girlfriend (Kristy Swanson).

How Adam managed to land Kristy in the first place is something of a mystery, but when she leaves him for an older man (British vet Geoffrey Horne), our hero quickly finds a new flatmate - a five-year-old boy with a bladder control problem.

The legacy of a friend absent in China, the kid worms himself into Sonny's life, as the film swiftly develops into Sandler's version of One Man and a Little Gent, his idea of dealing with bed-wetting, vomiting and other disasters being to cover them with newspaper.

The humour, usually raucous, is alternately rude and weird and Sandler, whose oddball charm does elevate the piece, generously allows hollow-eyed Steve Buscemi time to steal the film as a talkative vagrant.