1988 Certificate: pg


Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin play two sets of identical twins born in the 1940s in the small town of Jupiter Hollow. One set are the daughters of a rich family passing through while the other are born to a poor family... but a dizzy nurse mixes them up. Flash forward forty years and the two twins are set to cross paths again. Midler and Tomlin have terrific chemistry, effortlessly switching between redneck and snobbish while, dontcha know Shakespeare fans, the film's structure is loosely based on The Comedy of Errors.


  • Jim Abrahams


  • Bette Midler

  • Lily Tomlin

  • Edward Herrmann

  • Fred Ward


There's some brilliant trick camerawork in the later stages of this fairly funny farce as one mismatched set of Bette Midler-Lily Tomlin twins bumps into the other.

The story goes like this: the girls are muddled at birth when the millionaire father of one twinset is forced to buy the town of Jupiter Hollow to get his wife into its hospital.

Thirty years later, predatory businesswoman Bette 'A' and daffy-dilly sister Lily 'A' are set to close down the industry they've inherited in Jupiter Hollow, while the two Hollow residents, strong-willed Lily 'B' and starry-eyed sister Bette 'B', set out from the cornfields to stop them!

The film doesn't waste much time at all and, being directed by Jim Abrahams of Airplane! fame, sets up some good gags on the side, including the tramp outside the Waldorf Hotel who keeps seeing double.

It's Abrahams' deft touch that keeps the helter-skelter of changing partners - baffling husbands, boyfriends, lovers and colleagues alike - from becoming tiresome.

And the trickwork when the foursome meets in the loo makes it worth a watch on its own.