2008 Certificate: pg


Adam Sandler plays Skeeter Bronson, a hotel handyman who finds that the bedtime stories he tells to his niece and nephew magically come true. The upshot is that Skeeter finds himself in the Old West, ancient Greece, outer space... and even working his way into the affections of Keri Russell. A stellar cast also includes Russell Brand as his dysfunctional buddy, Guy Pearce as Skeeter's snooty rival and Richard Griffiths as a germaphobic hotel boss.


  • Adam Shankman


  • Adam Sandler

  • Dana Goodman

  • Keri Russell

  • Guy Pearce

  • Courteney Cox

  • Russell Brand


Sandler plays Skeeter Bronson, a hotel dogsbody whose heart of gold is hidden by a tough outer skin of boorish indifference and a cheerful anti-PC worldview.

Hopes that he would be made hotel manager (a deal his doting dad made before selling out to Griffiths' nasty Barry Nottingham) have been dashed when the post is handed to obsequious jobsworth Guy Pearce (in full panto-villain-mode.)

Things get worse when Skeeter, a confirmed bachelor and self-centred misanthrope is obliged to babysit his ultra-politically correct sister's kids while she's away.

But, he finds his miserable lot turning around after the made-up stories he tells them at lights-out begin to be bizarrely imitated in real life.

Sandler gets the chance to dress up as a cowboy, a chariot driver and a spaceman, and Russell Brand is on hand for some of his trademark weirdie funnies.

Hairspray director Adam Shankman keeps sugar levels high in this family movie.