2010 Certificate: 12


It's Beauty and the Beast for the emo crowd as a vain New York student learns a lesson in humility and humanity when he is transformed into a hideous monster. Brit hunk Alex Pettyfer plays the pretty rich boy who sneers once too often at his witchy classmate (Mary-Kate Olsen)... and ends up a disfigured shadow of his former self. What's more, he's destined to stay that way unless he can find a girl who truly loves him. Of course, he wouldn't have a prayer with any girl who looks like she could star in a High School musical...


  • Daniel Barnz


  • Alex Pettyfer

  • Vanessa Hudgens

  • Mary-Kate Olsen

  • Neil Patrick Harris


And the moral of this story is... never diss a Goth chick. Oh yeah, it's great fun to laugh and point at the school weirdo when she looks like a witch, dresses like a witch, and mutters dark oaths like a witch.

But what if she actually is a witch? That's the last thing school president Kyle (I Am Number Four star Pettyfer) expects he humiliates mean and moody Kendra (twin of Ashley... or possibly Avril Lavigne) in a packed night club.

As a result, things suddenly turn very ugly. For him, anyway. Gone is the blonde-maned Adonis he constantly winks at in the mirror, replaced by a horrible orc-thing who looks like he's been doodled on by a gang of deranged art students wielding molten crayons.

What's more, Kendra purrs, he has but one year to find a girl who says she loves him or he will stay like that forever!

Luckily, though his father (Six Feet Under alumnus Peter Krause) is even more obsessed with appearances, he is absolutely loaded and wastes no time in setting up Kyle in a penthouse apartment far from the high school crowd.

Then, after providing his son with a saintly housemaid and a conveniently blind tutor (Neil Patrick Harris), he abandons him. Woe is Kyle.

But thanks to a twist of fate, into his life and home comes Lindy, a troubled classmate whom Kyle had previously overlooked. Which is somewhat surprising as she looks exactly like High School Musi-cutie Vanessa Hudgens.

Despite their issues (his obvious; hers less so), a relationship gradually grows.

And as it does, it finally dawns on Kyle that looks aren't everything. Beauty is on the inside. Love is blind. There are witches in New York. Who knew?

Full of good intentions, this is a fantastical romance for those whose hearts ache for Twilight. You could argue that its moral backbone might be a tad stronger if the leads had been a bit, well, plainer.

But hey, isn't the world already ugly enough?

Zac Harrin