1992 Certificate: 15


Tim Burton's dark and juicy sequel finds Michael Keaton's troubled superhero fighting off the mischievous attentions of Michelle Pfeiffer's super-sleek Catwoman and Danny DeVito's malevolent Penguin. Colder and deeper than the first reboot, Burton's gothic signature is all over this fantastical follow-up. Pfeiffer steals the show as the downtrodden secretary turned whip-cracking, PVC-clad sex kitten. Miiiaoww!


  • Tim Burton


  • Michael Keaton

  • Michelle Pfeiffer

  • Danny DeVito

  • Christopher Walken


The world's most enigmatic superhero, Batman (Keaton), resurfaces for another Gotham City adventure.

Having defeated the Joker, he's now pitted against The Penguin (DeVito) - a warped individual intent on acceptance into Gotham's higher society - and the devious, sexually charged Catwoman (Pfeiffer).

Both of these costume-clad baddies are out for revenge against the world which has treated them so cruelly, and which Batman seems to represent.

When a corrupt businessman, Max Schreck (Walken), and the grotesque Penguin plot to take control of Gotham City, only Batman can stop them, while the Catwoman has her own agenda, taking a shine to her rubber-suited nemesis.

A well-directed film with an excellent cast and set design to match.

Dominic Bloch