1967 Certificate: pg


Robert Redford and Jane Fonda play a couple of newlyweds living in a five-flight, freezing one-room flat in New York's Greenwich Village. Neil Simon's sparkling comedy makes sterling use of the chemistry between Redford and Fonda but Mildred Natwick has some of the sharpest lines as Fonda's mum (she actually picked up an Oscar nomination).


  • Gene Saks


  • Robert Redford

  • Jane Fonda

  • Charles Boyer

  • Mildred Natwick


A spicy, dry and often hilariously-scripted comedy about two honeymooners.

It achieves both warm, human relationships and comic lines that are set against one another with precision balance, never overloading the laughs, but rattling them out at a consistent pace.

'I think I'm going to be a lousy wife,' Jane Fonda tells Robert Redford at the door of their honeymoon hotel. 'But I'm very sexy.'

After six days and nights, he's convinced. 'I have to go to work,' he gasps, staggering out on the seventh. 'I don't do this for a living.'

Alas, in their new flat (top floor) comes the dawn. The radiator won't radiate, the bed (to Jane's horror) fails to arrive for the first night and snow comes through the skylight.

It's a film cocktail that never fails to sparkle.