1942 Certificate: u


The story of orphan deer Bambi is one of Disney's most enduring and best-loved adventures - and guaranteed to bring a tear to every eye. Left all alone in the forest, Bambi is taught the ways of nature by the irrepressible rabbit Thumper and his woodland friends. But while forest fires and wild dogs are all part of Mother Nature's big plan, there is one threat more dangerous than all - man. A true great not just in terms of animation but of cinema itself.


  • David Hand


  • Bobby Stewart

  • Peter Behn

  • Stan Alexander


One of Walt Disney's most enduring classics, only released on video in 1994.

A brilliant depiction of forest life, the changing seasons and weather conditions (notably leading to the exquisitely animated song Little April Shower), it's a heart-warming and sometimes heart-rending tale of a young fawn growing up in the forest and his friendship with an equally young rabbit and skunk.

Superbly realised action scenes and sometimes witty dialogue combine to give the film an overwhelming appeal, with Thumper the ground-drumming rabbit unexpectedly proving the star of the show.

Tinies should have an adult standing by for their reactions to the fate of Bambi's mother. Made with great dignity, the film is still an altogether enchanting experience.