1955 Certificate: u


Dean Martin plays starving New York artist Rick who become a success when he secretly draws comic-strips based on the nightmares of his goofy flatmate Eugene (Jerry Lewis). A secret rocket formula contained in Eugene's dreams is unwittingly published and leads a stellar cast into adventures involving espionage and national security. Dorothy Malone and Shirley MacLaine play the pair's romantic interests in this innuendo-laden musical comedy.


  • Frank Tashlin


  • Jerry Lewis

  • Dean Martin

  • Shirley MacLaine

  • Dorothy Malone


The zany touch of writer-director Frank Tashlin, responsible for some of Hollywood's most side-splitting comedies in the 1946-1966 period, is stamped all over this Martin and Lewis extravanganza. Jerry Lewis excels as the nincompoop whose dreams are used by cartoonist Dean Martin for adventure ideas. The supporting cast glitters with talent, including Eddie Mayehoff, superior stooge of so many Martin and Lewis romps, Shirley MacLaine (then right at the start of her career), Anita Ekberg, Jack Elam, Dorothy Malone, Kathleen Freeman, Eva Gabor and little George 'Foghorn' Winslow. Mayehoff's turn as an energetic comic-book publisher is actually funnier than the stars.