2010 Certificate: pg


When Arthur (Freddie Highmore) recieves a distress call sent from Minimoys, the miniature invisible people who live in his own back yard, he must once again return to embark on one last adventure to battle the evil Maltazard (Lou Reed) and save Princess Selenia. Unaware that he is being tricked, Malthazar is planning to reverse the magic and become a giant when Arthur shrinks into the Minimoy's world. Now at less than half an inch tall, Arthur must save his own world from a giant evil Maltazard. Another magical combination of live action and animation.


  • Luc Besson


  • Freddie Highmore

  • Selena Gomez

  • Lou Reed

  • Jimmy Fallon

  • Iggy Pop


French director Luc Besson appears to have a sideline in rejuvenating raddled old rock stars by casting them in his Arthur cartoon series.

In the first outing - Arthur and the Invisibles - David Bowie was wheeled out to voice the evil Maltazard while Madonna chirruped the lines of Princess Selenia. Snoop Dogg also chipped in as Max.

This time round Snoop's back...while Lou Reed handles the Dame's vocal chores and the relatively youthful Black-Eyed Pea Stacy Ferguson voices Replay.

In this sequel Arthur (Highmore) is tricked into returning to the subterranean land of the Minimoys by a false SOS message (written on a grain of rice) sent by the villainous Maltazard (Reed).

He wants access to the Arthur's human world and needs to hijack the transformation process - which only works during full moon - to help him wreak havoc.

The weird structure of this movie - the first in a two-part series - means the narrative unfolds at a strange pace with Maltazard only making his appearance well into the film and the story ending abruptly.

The animation is impressive but then it has to be; Besson is up against studios such as Pixar and DreamWorks who break new ground with every passing 'toon.