1992 Certificate: 15


The third instalment of director Sam Raimi's Evil Dead horror fantasy series is widely regarded as a cult classic. More comic in tone than its gore-spattered predecessors, this manic adventure sees demon-slayer Ash (Bruce Campbell) sucked back in time to the 13th century to take on the medieval dead. Armed with a shotgun and chainsaw where his arm once was, Ash proves to be the last hope of a kingdom under siege from an "army of darkness" of flesh-hungry, undead fiends. Co-star Embeth Davidtz's next film would be Schindler's List. Groovy.


  • Sam Raimi


  • Bruce Campbell

  • Marcus Gilbert

  • Ian Abercrombie

  • Embeth Davidtz


More a horror comic sprung to life than any episode of a Creepshow film, this is the third film in director Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy.

This time, the medieval dead rise (and ride) as Bruce Campbell's Ash, sucked back in time to the 13th century, fails to recite the sacred words correctly in his quest for Necromonicon (Book of the Dead) and raises all the old bones in the graveyard.

Still, fans of games as Demonworld, Dungeons and Dragons and Heroquest should relish this, while film buffs can groan at the dialogue and its delivery, and congratulate themselves on spotting Bridget Fonda, who appears very briefly at the start.

It's widely regarded as one of the all-time cult classics.